A salty reminder

18 Sep

Forget not, ye scurvy sprogs, that tomorrow be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Sharpen yer cutlasses an’ let down the sails and come parley on this ‘ere proud ship. An’ we free gentlewomen o’ fortune in the South Seas be challengin’ the sailors on the ships in Stockholm and Gothenburrg! Be ye pirates or lily-livered landlubbers? Show ye colours tomorrow! Yarrr.

/Cap’n Dirty Mary Flint & Second Mate Mad Bess Flint
(get yer own swashbucklin’ name ‘ere!)

8 svar till “A salty reminder”

  1. Urrk 18/09/2009 den 12:06 #

    /Bloody William Flint

  2. Snöfrid 18/09/2009 den 13:25 #

    Ahoy, me Cap'n!

    Iron Anne Flint

  3. Science Fiction-bokhandeln i Malmö 18/09/2009 den 13:46 #

    This 'ere Flint family be the fearedest clan on the seven seas!!

  4. Urrk 18/09/2009 den 14:07 #

    Some 'ere bloody music:

  5. Anonymous 18/09/2009 den 14:44 #

    arr.. yer on!

  6. nene 18/09/2009 den 16:23 #

    Haarrr! It seams I'll be sailin' me own ship on that there Saturrrrday.

    /Captain Anne Read

  7. Tålmannen 18/09/2009 den 16:32 #


  8. FunkyFredde 18/09/2009 den 19:51 #

    Ship ohoy!! Mi bloody bottle of rum is almost empty, savvy?

    /Mad Morty Flint


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