15 Sep

Ahoy me hearties! It be time to splice the mainbrace, hoist the colours and shiver yer timbers! This ‘ere Satarrday, Septembarr 19, be th’ International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Unless ye be scallywags and scurvy dogs, ye’ll don yer hats, eye-patches ‘n’ parrots and come down te ye olde ship fer te buckle some swash.

If ye be lookin’ for inspiration, tharr be this ‘ere list, this ‘ere fight an’ this ‘ere report from yesteryear to put stagger swagger in yer step – and add to that this ‘ere handsome anthology what came out a yearr ago. If ye need to learn the lingo an’ th’ attitude, tharr be lists here, here an’ here. An’ in honour of this ‘ere glorious day, th’ epic fight this ‘ere week be the best one yet! Yarr. (An’ o’ course, the space pirate Han Solo won his brawl!)

/Yer Cap’n, Dirty Mary Flint

(Det är bara familjen Långstrump, och antagligen Fridolf, som kan prata piratiska på svenska… Och Lennart Hellsing förstås!)


4 svar to “Yarrr”

  1. Tålmannen 15/09/2009 den 11:47 #

    Blimey, kiss the gunner's daughter, I nearly forgot!

  2. Staffan 15/09/2009 den 12:39 #

    Tja, hans alster hamnar väl lite utanför ert sortiment, men vi är ju inte helt utan pirater lokalt.

  3. Fia 15/09/2009 den 19:56 #

    Remembarr, remembarr, the 19th of septembarr! Will ye scurvy dogs be celibrating in style?

  4. Science Fiction-bokhandeln i Malmö 16/09/2009 den 12:37 #

    Aye, o' course we be celebratin' wi' a wannion! All blaggards not dressed as pirates be riskin' walkin' the plank.


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